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DDJ-200 vs. DDJ-400 (Which Is Better For You?)

hoosing between DDJ-200 and the DDJ-400 there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind.

What Is A DJ Rider? (Technical Rider Prep Guide)

You might have been wondering what are the technical riders all about. Maybe you've been asked to provide a rider to the place you're going to perform at, or maybe you just want to see some examples of DJ riders to prepare one yourself later. Either way this is the article for you!

New Pioneer XDJ-RX3 vs. XDJ-RX2 (Direct comparison)

Pioneer XDJ-RX2 vs. Pioneer XDJ-RX3. What features got updated? Is the upgrade to XDJ-RX3 worth your money? XDJ-RX-2 and XDJ-RX-3 direct controller comparison!

Can You DJ With Spotify? (Updated 2024)

Common questions connected with the popular Spotify streaming service are: Can you use Spotify with your DJ apps or software? Can you legally use...

How To Use Music Streaming Services With Rekordbox (Updated)

Rekordbox allows us to use 4 popular music streaming services. Let's take a closer look at those streaming options.