RMX-500 & RMX-1000 VST Plugins

What many people do not realize, the two famous Pioneer DJ effect modules – RMX-500 and the RMX-1000 come with a VST version of the hardware with full functionality of the physical unit. Both of the plugins are available to download on the Pioneer website, to use them however you need to own a corresponding physical RMX station. To use a vst version of the device you need to have the RMX plugged into your computer during the installation process to authorize the plugin. After that you will be able to either control the plugin using the hardware interface of your RMX station or unplug the device completely to make use of the full software implementation of the Pionner’s FX unit.

This enables you to use all of the famous RMX effects in your music production process, and even to use the plugin directly within the Virtual DJ software and control it using another MIDI device.

Plugin usage:

In your DAW software multiple instances of the VST version of the RMX can be easily controlled from the hardware unit by pressing the “Link On” button – this will switch control of the vst to your physical RMX station and un-link all of the other plugin instances (one unit can be controlled at the time). Then you can use the controls to record fx automation while still being able to edit and modify the automation curves by hand inside of the software. All of the sample based drum roll functionality is also available although you have to assign an audio channel to the plugin before using it.

All of the processing is software-based which means that the plugin will work after disconnecting the device and when the RMX is connected, it’s your computer which does all the sound processing work and the hardware serves the sole purpose of a midi controller.

Official downloads:

Below you can find the links to the official Pioneer DJ website where the plugin can be downloaded. Keep in mind that you need to own the hardware (either the RMX-500 or RMX-1000) for the corresponding plugins to work.



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