Top 6 Online DJ Forums – 6 Helpful Active Communities For DJs

Are you looking for free learning resources for both beginner and professional DJs in 2022? Or maybe you’re just searching for active online DJ communities other than these existing on popular social media? We are here to present you a list of 6 online DJ forums that contain tons of valuable info and resources for you to utilize for free!

1. DJforums

DJforums is one of the most popular and biggest traditional online forum communities for DJs. This is one of the most active sites featured on this list as of the beginning of 2022, featuring new posts and threads every single day.

There is a multitude of threads in here, ranging in topic from DJing techniques and gear discussions to music production and recording.

Visit DJforums here.

2. DJ TechTools forums

DJ TechTools forums are the second biggest community on this list. Here you can find a wide section dedicated to all kinds of DJ hardware and also answers to a great deal of questions related to music production.

This site is connected with one of the biggest online DJ communities and blogs –

Visit DJ TechTools Forums here.

3. ODJT – Our DJ Talk

Our DJ Talk community is a little bit smaller than the two mentioned before, however it’s still really active and features a great deal of informative threads on DJ gear but also DJ branding, marketing and event organization.

You can even find separate categories for stage lighting and music discovery threads in there!

Visit OurDJTalk here

4. VirtualDJ forums

One of the more important DJ forums, are the ones set up by the Virtual DJ community. Despite Virtual DJ software related matters being the most popular topic in there, there are many informative threads not directly related to the VDJ software you might want to check out.

There is also a separate section for Video Mixing here, and quite a few localized forum sub-sections (to name a few from the top of the list: Dutch, Balkan, French, German and Greek language sections).

Visit VirtualDJ forums here.

5. Pioneer DJ forums

The official Pioneer DJ forums are also a great source of information regarding DJ hardware. It’s definitely the best place to search for common gear problem solutions and troubleshooting guides for Pioneer DJ equipment.

Visit Pioneer DJ forums here.

6. Denon DJ forum

The official Denon DJ forum has essentially the same qualities as the previously mentioned Pioneer DJ forums, but this time the information and knowledge base in the community refers mostly to Denon DJ gear and Engine DJ Software.

If you own (or plan to own) any Denon DJ hardware this is definitely the place to check out!

Visit Denon DJ forum here.

Bonus: Reddit DJ communities – top DJing subreddits:

Outside the world of online forums, there are many huge active DJ communities on various social media platforms. The best thing with Reddit though is that you don’t even have to be logged in to browse tons of valuable subreddits made by DJs for DJs!

We’ve compiled a list of the biggest, most active DJ communities on Reddit just for you! Be sure to check it out: 8 Best Informative Subreddits For DJs [Reddit Top List].

The conclusion

There are many thriving online DJ communities out there and all of these are simply one click away from you! Many of these not only contain lots and lots of informative resources and valuable knowledge, but also allow you to ask your own questions and get answers straight away from experienced DJs and producers. That’s why it’s always important to choose the right online resources to grow even further in your profession. Keep on learning and rock on!

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