5 Best Free Legal VST Plugin Download Sites!

Here we present 5 of the best handpicked quality VST plugin download sites that offer a wide selection of legal and safe to download freeware VST’s.

You may be seeking places where you should get VST plugins that you can use in your commercial projects without worry of using illegally downloaded software. We have found 5 sites that feature high quality curated freeware VST plugin collections with direct download links.

Using these websites you will be able to safely download many amazing VST plugins that will boost your creativity and make your production process much more efficient.

Let’s quickly go through the list!

1. BPB – BedroomProducersBlog

One of the best free VST plugins databases and also a great insightful blog for aspiring music producers. On their site besides tons of high quality freeware VST instruments and effects divided into categories you will find frequent updates on VST plugin deals that come up every now and then. We definitely recommend this one!

bedroomproducersblog.com homepage (07.09.21)

Aside from free VST plugins bedroomproducersblog.com also features quite a few free sample pack collections on their site.

A sample from the bedroomproducersblog.com free VST plugin collection.
A sample from the bedroomproducersblog.com free VST plugin collection.
  • Safe links to official developer websites
  • Handpicked VST plugins
  • Well managed collection divided in many handy subcategories
  • Detailed VST descriptions and GUI screenshots
  • Very easy to navigate and search through

Link to site: https://bedroomproducersblog.com/free-vst-plugins/

2. VstPlanet.com (currently down)

2022 update: Sadly VstPlanet, one of the biggest free VST resources seems to be down for good.

One of the older websites with many interesting and quite useful VST effects and instruments. VSTPlanet.com features direct download links – they host all the plugin files directly on their server giving you quick direct download links underneath each listed VST plugin.

VSTplanet.com homepage
VSTplanet.com homepage (07.09.21)

Above all the site is also a curated VST plugin collection so each listed plugin features a detailed description, a GUI screenshot and info on both the VST developer and current distribution license.

A snippet from vstplanet.com featuring a description, license info and a direct download link to the TranceDrive VST plugin.
A snippet from vstplanet.com featuring a description, license info and a direct download link to the TranceDrive VST plugin.

Link to site: http://www.vstplanet.com/

  • Detailed VST descriptions and GUI screenshots
  • Easily visible license type info
  • Links directly to respective developer sites
  • Very responsive yet outdated design
  • VSTs hosted on the site – quick direct download links

3. Plugins4Free.com

Previously at vst4free.com this website is one of the best freeware VST plugin repositories. The quality of the plugins themselves here vary by a lot but the site features not only extensive set of plugin categories but also a plugin rating system (although there aren’t many ratings on most of the plugins).

The second good thing is that the search options enable you to filter the plugins both by the supported OS and system architecture.

The OS & architecture filter on the plugins4Free.com website.
The OS & architecture filter on the plugins4Free.com website.

The site is very responsive and most importantly it features direct VST download links – the VSTs are stored on the site so there are no further redirections while downloading a plugin.

You also have an option to randomize the search results if you’d like to do so.

Plugins4Free.com homepage
Plugins4Free.com homepage (07.09.21)
  • Direct download links (plugins stored on the site)
  • Links to respective plugin developer websites and optional donation buttons
  • Plugin quality may vary by a lot
  • Responsive and efficient design
  • Good simple search filters and nicely managed categories
  • Comment & rating system
  • Can pick random VST plugins for you

Link to site: https://plugins4free.com/

4. FreeVsts.com

This site features many VST plugins with safe download links pointing to respective developer websites. One minor downside is that the site features quite a few display ads unlike the first three.

The categories are well thought out and the plugin descriptions are all there. Overall it’s a nice website for safe freeware plugin downloads. The collection seems vast and there are separate categories for 32-bit and 64-bit plugins.

freevsts.com main page
freevsts.com main page (07.09.21)
  • The site feels pretty ad heavy
  • The categories are well managed
  • Download links point directly to official developers websites
  • Separate categories for 32-bit and 64-bit plugins

Link to site: https://freevsts.com/

5. KVRaudio.com

KVR is one of the biggest audio software marketplaces online as of now. Although they distribute mostly high quality paid VST plugins they also have a pretty vast free VST section on their site (linked below).

KVRaudio.com free VST plugin collection (07.09.21)

The KVR free plugin collection is split into many categories and subcategories, very well described and cataloged. Aside from the rating and comment system, OS filters, and plugin format filters each plugin listing features separate sections for downloading preset packs, latest development news and much more.

This is easily one of the best sites for finding free VST plugins of high quality as the search filters let you sort the plugin collection by the number of downloads and community ratings (which there are quite a few of for most of the plugins).

  • Great extensive search filters
  • Ability to sort by plugin formats
  • Very detailed plugin info sections
  • Lots of plugin reviews
  • Administered and curated by the KVR marketplace team

Link to site: https://www.kvraudio.com/plugins/best-free-plugins

Can I download and use free VST plugins legally?

If a piece of software is declared by its developer as freeware you are free to use the software in any of your commercial projects. The only thing you cannot do is distribute the software itself for profit.

If the software is declared as abandonware (so abandoned by its developers and not distributed anymore) generally it depends on if it had its original copyright officially revoked.

When it comes to all other software licenses such as shareware, demo versions, freemium software models and so on, you should refer to the developers website and license details to figure out to what extent can you utilize the software and if you are allowed to use it for commercial projects.

Although the sites we’ve presented to you feature many freeware plugins that you are legally allowed to use in your commercial and personal projects make sure that every time you consider downloading a VST plugin from any source you check its license. Ensuring that the VST you’re downloading is truly freeware you will be safe from accidental software theft. Rock on!

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