Gifts For A DJ – 8 Cool Creative Original Novelty DJ Gifts

While searching for a gift for a DJ or a music producer even while knowing something about the industry you might quickly find yourself out of ideas. Even if you have some things in mind already you should definitely check out this list featuring our creative gift ideas for DJs and music producers.

It’s also good to use the list as a starting point, you might find many great products while browsing the similar product pages.

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1. Vinyl Record Coasters

Safe and frankly speaking quite cool gift for any DJ. Cheap yet useful and good looking vinyl coaster will always be a great choice if not for a main gift then as a creative addition. Great to pair with the mug below!

Get the vinyl coasters here!

2. Synthesizer Waveform Mug

Its simple minimalistic design makes it a perfect gift for both music producers and DJs. Pictures of the four basic waveforms make it look cool and they are easily recognizable by almost every person in music industry.

Great for a fancy morning coffee! Goes well with the vinyl coasters above ^

Get the waveform mug here!

Edit: mug from the picture is not available anymore, check out this different design instead!

3. Stylophone Pocket Synth

I would say nowadays you can’t go wrong with a stylophone! This little pocket synth may not be the best sounding or most versatile of a bunch but it has become quite a cool novelty gift after being dug up from the past during the last few years. It’s a fun original gift for any musician!

Get your stylophone here!

4. Hardware Vocal Effects Processor

Fun to mess around with and certainly fun for the on-stage use. While some particular vocal effects processors such as this one aren’t strictly made for stage usage and they are rather equipped with features geared towards streaming, depending on the person in mind those might make an interesting gift idea.

Search for vocal effects processors here!

5. Slipmats (Vinyl/DVS DJs only)

If you recall that the person you’re buying a gift for uses either a classic vinyl setup or a DVS setup, a slipmat is one of the best gift ideas.

A slipmat is simply a piece of a material that is placed beneath the vinyl record in place of the default rubber mat. Slipmat allows the DJ to move the vinyl record independently of the platter movement.

Slipmats come with lots of crazy colorful patterns, be sure to check out a few before you make a choice!

Check out crazy looking slipmats here!

6. A Small Portable DJ Controller

There is a persisting trend among DJ equipment companies to produce lots and lots of different portable all-in-one-but-not-really mixing consoles that can fit in your pocket and be connected both to your smartphone and a pc.

Most of those controllers are pretty cheap and changing a controller form factor while practicing might be a fun experience for some. Definitely check those out!

Hercules DJ DJControl Starlight

While those controllers certainly won’t be suitable for on-stage use they might be fun to practice and mess around with. Check out the most popular of a bunch!

7. Korg DIY Mini Synth Kit

Whether we are talking about a DJ, music producer or everyday EDM enjoyer it’s safe to assume that assembling their own little portable monophonic synth would be a great experience for all of them.

Korg offers a Korg Nu:tekt NTS-1 DIY set that is really simple to assemble and interestingly has more features than you would think!

Before you buy you can watch the video by loopop that goes over all the device’s features:

Get the Korg Nu:tekt NTS-1 here!

8. Personalized Print On Demand Gadget

The best idea for a gift for any DJ or music producer seems to be a personalized one! Print on demand sites like Redbubble or Teespring not only offer a wide variety of gadget designs but also enable you to make a custom design using your own pictures!

Check out our online store here for some DJ gift designs inspiration!

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