Pioneer DDJ-1000 In 2023 – Is It Still Worth It? (Let’s Find Out!)

If you’re currently searching for a new viable professional DJ controller that will serve you for a long time and will offer a large amount of features, you might be considering the Pioneer DJ flagship device – DDJ-1000. Is it still worth getting a new Pioneer DDJ-1000 in 2023, or are you better off buying another device or waiting for a DDJ-1000 successor? In this article we will give you some insight in the situation and help you decide whether its beneficial for you to get this magnificent piece of hardware in this year.

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DDJ-1000 is still one of the most feature packed DJ controllers on the market

Pioneer DDJ-1000 as a flagship Pioneer DJ controller is filled to the brim with features known from the top-tier Pioneer DJ equipment such as CDJ players or DJM mixers.

This includes full-sized mechanical jog wheels (which are pretty much the same as the ones present on the CDJ-2000NXS players with an additional display on top), similar efficient loop and transport controls, top-notch audio FX section based on the one featured on the Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 DJ mixer and much more.

Not many DJ controllers can match the DDJ-1000 in terms of sheer number of features that are available to you out of the box. If we had to point out some devices that come close to this device, we would choose the Pioneer XDJ-XZ (half-standalone DJ controller) or the Denon DJ Prime 4.

There are currently no DJ controllers better resembling an actual CDJ club setup in terms of the control layout scheme

Both the decks and mixer section of the Pioneer DDJ-1000 resemble the CDJ/DJM combo setup control layout.
Both the decks and the mixer section of the Pioneer DDJ-1000 resemble the CDJ/DJM combo setup control layout.

As we’ve said, layout of the DDJ-1000 is designed after a standard club setup consisting of 2 Pioneer CDJ players and an DJM mixer in the middle. On the photo above you can see how exactly the features and controls on the mixer section of the DDJ-1000 correspond to an actual DJM-900NXS2 flagship DJ mixer. While some of the features are missing, many of them are directly translated into the DDJ-1000 layout.

The only other DJ controller that comes really close in terms of a CDJ setup resemblance is the Pioneer XDJ-XZ. We have an extensive detailed article comparing the DDJ-1000 to one of its main rivals – the XDJ-XZ.

Pioneer DDJ-1000 vs. XDJ-XZ (New Detailed Comparison!)

DDJ-1000 has a Serato compatible version…

… and its called DDJ-1000SRT. It’s not perfect, as it lacks many features that the original DDJ-1000 has (because of the software differences between Rekordbox and Serato DJ). For example, the Pad FX aren’t accessible on the DDJ-1000SRT, as Serato DJ doesn’t have any kind of Pad FX mode available.

Still, the Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT a great option for people who enjoy the form factor of the original 1000 but prefer the Serato DJ software over Rekordbox.

Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT top view.
Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT top view.
Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT:

A lot of people are using the DDJ-1000 in club environments and it’s not going to change quick

The Pioneer DDJ-1000 is currently one of the most popular (if not the most popular in fact) Pioneer DJ controller on the market and the Pioneer DJ flagship device when it comes to non-standalone DJ controllers. A lot of professional DJs are using it and presumably will be doing so for a long time, and what this means for you, is that you can count on official firmware updates from Pioneer DJ for another year or so (and possibly longer).

While it’s highly probable that in some time we will see a successor of the DDJ-1000, it won’t change the fact that the original 1000 will still be highly viable and widely used. It will be a similar case as with the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and the DDJ-SX3, or the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 and XDJ-RX3.

What are the best alternatives to the Pioneer DDJ-1000?

DDJ-1000 vs. DDJ-Rev7.
One of the main competitors of the DDJ-1000 is the DDJ-Rev7 (A Serato DJ controller).

When it comes to a similar price range and feature set, there are just a few alternatives to the Pioneer DDJ-1000 as of now.

Fist one is the DDJ-Rev7 which while being different in terms of designated use cases, is another Pioneer DJ flagship device with a large number of features to offer. Pioneer DDJ-Rev7 is marketed towards performance DJs and/or scratch DJs, although it can be used in a typical club environment without any trouble. For now the DDJ-Rev7 is for sure one of the best DJ controllers on the market (including offers from brands other than Pioneer DJ).

We have done an extensive comparison of the DDJ-1000 and the DDJ-Rev7, check it out to learn more!

DDJ-Rev7 vs. DDJ-1000 (Which One Is Better?)

Pioneer XDJ-XZ and the Pioneer DDJ-1000 (accurate sizes).
Pioneer XDJ-XZ and the Pioneer DDJ-1000 (accurate sizes).

Another alternative to the Pioneer DDJ-1000 would be the Pioneer XDJ-XZ – an all-in-one DJ controller that can function as a standalone device. While its really similar in many ways to the DDJ-1000 in terms of basic functionality, it also has some exclusive features to offer such as different audio FX selection and options, LCD display in the middle, standalone capabilities mentioned before, and so on.

Again, we have compared the DDJ-1000 to the XDJ-XZ and listed all their pros and cons in one of our gear battle posts. Check it out here:

Pioneer DDJ-1000 vs. XDJ-XZ (New Detailed Comparison!)

The DDJ-1000 successor might be coming soon

Next version of the Pioneer DDJ-1000 controller might be coming soon.

It’s been almost 4 years since the release of the original DDJ-1000 and the DDJ-1000SRT arrival on the market. It’s highly probable that in this or the next year we might see a successor of the DDJ-1000, presumably in the same line of DDJ Rekordbox dedicated controllers.

While the probability for a next updated iteration of DDJ-1000 hardware is high, even after the release of a new controller in this line, the DDJ-1000 will still be viable for some years ahead. It is also important to note, that knowing Pioneer DJ the price of the new version of this controller will most probably be pretty high, and on the other hand, the price of the regular DDJ-1000 should naturally drop a bit when its successor enters the market.

If you’d like to take a look at all of the Pioneer DJ controller release dates, take a look at our extensive list and infographic here: All Pioneer DJ Controllers Listed – 10 Years Evolution 2011-2021

The conclusion – is DDJ-1000 still viable?

The answer is yes – the Pioneer DDJ-1000 is still a highly viable DJ controller in 2023 and it still retains the title of the flagship device when it comes to non-standalone Pioneer DJ controllers. While still being widely used, and retaining one of the top positions on the market it’s a great choice if you’re considering getting yourself a brand new professional DJ controller, or you plan to do an substantial upgrade from you entry-level device. You can check the current price and availability of the DDJ-1000 in the official Pioneer DJ store on Amazon here.

Pioneer DDJ-1000:

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