7 Best New Free Legal VST Plugin Download Sites (Updated 2022)

These are the next 7 best free legal VST download sites that we have found online and tested for you. If you’re searching for safe free VST plugin download websites, places with tons of great quality freeware audio VST plugins then this list was made for you! Check these out:

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Another 5 Best Free Legal VST Plugin Download Sites!

1. Free VST Plugins database

First site on our list is the freevstplugins.com free VST plugin repository. New free VSTs are added frequently and most of the plugins are hosted on the site so the download is instantenous.

Visit the site here: https://freevstplugins.net/

2. KVR marketplace free VSTs

You might have known that the famous KVR marketplace has a large number of great quality paid VST plugins on sale. But did you know that they also have a whole bunch of completely free VSTs that are easily accessible by sorting their collection by price from low to high? When you do just that you will be presented with many quality plugins with user ratings, reviews and other valuable info sometimes including audio examples.

If you’re in for checked curated collection of quality VST freeware you should definitely check out the free portion of the KVR collection!

Visit the site here: https://www.kvraudio.com/plugins/the-newest-plugins/cheapest

3. Splice free VST plugins market section

Splice.com while being known mostly from their vast collection of high quality audio samples accessible via a monthly subscription, also have a section on their site dedicated to VST plugins, that is a VST market similar to the KVR one. As with the KVR marketplace, Splice.com also features a free section with lots of great freeware VST gems.

Yes, Splice has its own VST marketplace in which there is a “free” category with almost 100 freeware VST plugins available for free download.

Visit the site here: https://splice.com/plugins/free_plugins

4. Plugin Boutique free VST section

This is yet another online VST plugin marketplace that features a free download section. Plugin Boutique free VST collection is divided into many categories that will help you to quickly find a plugin you need. They have quite a large number of both VST effects and VST instruments available for free download on the site, although to download the free plugins you have to register on the site first.

Plugin Boutique also is known for their monthly offers and discounts that can be really beneficial for new producers building their VST collections. If you’re interested in cheap professional VST plugins be sure to check out their deals section!

Visit the site here: https://www.pluginboutique.com

5. Plugins4Free collection

This site mentioned in our previous free VST plugin download sites list, is one of the largest freeware VST plugin collections that exist to this day. While a large plugin selection is a good thing, it’s important to mention that this collection has a lot more low quality plugins than the other ones mentioned in this list. This is a small price we have to pay for the large number of plugins present here.

Another 5 Best Free Legal VST Plugin Download Sites!

Plugins4Free features many categories that you can use to traverse the vast collection that they offer. The plugin rating system is there, but it’s more or less unreliable and irrelevant because of the small amount of user votes under each plugin (again most probably mainly because of their sheer amount).

Visit the site here: https://plugins4free.com/

6. LANDR free VST plugin compilation

Although this one isn’t strictly a download site, this post on LANDR has an extensive collection of almost 250 freeware VST plugins with safe download links leading to official plugin developers sites.

This list really has it all and it doesn’t suffer from an overwhelming amount of useless mediocre VSTs. All the quality plugins are categorized, each one comes with a screencap of its interface, and the list is responsive and really easy to navigate.

Visit the site here: https://blog.landr.com/best-free-vst-plugins/

7. Bedroom Producers Blog – curated freeware VST plugin collection

BPB resource section still proves to be one of the best free VST plugin resources that exist to this day. This curated VST plugin list features lots and lots of great VST instruments and effects divided into various categories and collections. If you’re searching for free plugins in any popular category, head over to BPB and you won’t regret it.

This site doesn’t host the VST downloads, but rather links to the official plugin developer sites for downloads. This in a sense is even better than a fast direct download, as you always have a chance to check if each of the plugins is still readily available as freeware.

Visit the site here: https://bedroomproducersblog.com/free-vst-plugins/

The conclusion & legality of freeware VSTs.

There are many useful online resources and places you can find free VST instruments and effects. While searching for free plugins It’s always best to go after the curated collections (are often parts of larger online marketplaces as we’ve seen in this list), as the sites that simply compile all the free plugins that are available onine are often full of borderline useless and wasteful software.

Are free VST plugins legal?

While searching for free VST plugins online you should always check whether or not the plugin you’re downloading is really distributed as freeware by its developer. A good rule of thumb here is to quickly check if its still on sale on the developer’s website. If it is, the plugin might be distributed as donationware (you are advised to make a small donation before using it), or not be freeware after all.

There are also some VST plugins that are long forgotten and their respective developer’s sites are long offline. In this case, you are most probably dealing with abandonware, that is software that is abandoned by its manufacturer and no longer being sold. In general it’s safe to use abandonware plugins in your projects, but this may vary from case to case.

Curated free VST collections connected with online marketplaces are generally the safest places to download free VST plugins, as the VSTs they contain are handpicked and accounted for by the collection curators.

Feel free to also check out our previous free safe VST download sites compilation here:

Another 5 Best Free Legal VST Plugin Download Sites!

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